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Whatsapp guys? I would like to show you valuable and worthy information in this article.  How to find or identify if someone blocked you in whatsapp?  It's little bit tricky question. But, we have workaround to identify if he/she blocked you.  My friends circle also asking me how to find if someone blocked us in whatsapp.  All we people have some curiosity to find whether i have been blocked or not. Fine. Let's see the solution.

Before, you proceed with this whether the person is using whatsapp or not? Ok. Just Imaging he/she is using Whatsapp. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Below screenshot is showing two mobile phone. Vicky is using Android Mobile and Zzorro  is using Iphone. Both saved each others number.

Step 2: Block the contact of the person which you do not want to receive call or text.
Step 3: Now, I am moving to another mobile(refer below picture) and create New Group and Add Participant with your desired contact name. Here in this example, I am choosing Zzorro as my contact. Then, click Next in Whatsapp.
Step 4: Enter the Whatsapp Group Name. Here, I am creating a "Block test whatsapp" and click Create button.
Step 5: Now, verify you are able to add the contact in your whatsapp group.  Now, go to group info "Block test whatsapp" then Click Add Participants and select the contact. Once, you had done all the steps and if you are not able to add the contact as participant. Then, you have been blocked.

That's it. Now you are able to identify or find whether you have been blocked or not. One thing you should remember that if the person is not using whatsapp then also you will be getting the same error. So we will be getting failed message for two reason. One is whether you have been blocked or He/She is not using whatsapp feature.

Hope this article is very much helpful. I have clear video message in youtube with example. Just watch it! 

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