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How to redeem HDFC debit card CASHBACK points?

People might have not known how to redeem or get the cash back points turn into money on HDFC netbanking.  While we are purchasing online and spending the money using debit card, we might get the offers from different banks such as HDFC, ICICI, AXIS, SBI, INDIAN BANK, etc.,
In this article, i had shown how to redeem HDFC debit card CASHBACK points into Money.
Step 1 : Login into HDFC Netbanking

Step 2 : Go to Cards page

Step 3 : Click Enquiry --> Cash Back Enquiry and Redemption

Step 4 :  Select your account number from the drop down list and then click continue

Step 5 : Click the checkbox then Enter the Points to be Redeemed. Finally Click the CONFIRM button.

You will get an information that the redeemed points will be credited so and so date or within the time.
Enjoy! 😊
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