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Know Vocabulary for everyday use - 13 Useful if and when condition sentence

1. If you open the window, it gets cold in here.

2. If you leave chocolate in the hot sun, it melts.

3. If I go to bed late, I feel terrible the next day.

4. If I work on the computer too much, my eyes start to hurt.

5. If I go out in the sun, I always put on some sun cream.

6. The machine comes on if you press the green button.

7. When I go to the cinema, I always buy some popcorn.

8. When I’m sad, I like to go shopping.

9. If it stops, press this button here!

10. When you’re ready, call me!

11. If they’re trying to work, don’t make too much noise.

12. When you’ve finished that, let me know.

13. If I drink too much coffee, I can’t sleep at night.

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