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Know vocabulary for everyday use - 12 useful Words & expressions for the summer

1) Shade - An area outside that is protected from the sun.
Example:- It was very hot so we sat in the shade.

2) NAP - A short sleep, often in the afternoon. 

Example:- I had a little nap after lunch.

3) Barefoot - If you “go barefoot”, you don’t wear any socks or shoes.
Example:- She walked barefoot on the wooden path.

4. Barbecue - A “barbecue” is a piece of equipment that you can use for cooking food (often meat) outside.
Example:- We had a barbecue in the back garden.

5) Sunbathe - To lie in the sun so your skin becomes browner.
Example:- “I sunbathed for an hour this morning.”

6) Sunburnt - If you get “sunburnt”, your skin becomes very red because you’ve been in the sun too long.
Example:- “I got sunburnt because I hadn’t put any sun cream on.”

7) Air conditioning : If a building or house has “air conditioning”, it has a machine (or machines) that provide cold air.
Example:- It’s really hot in here. I think we should turn on the air conditioning.

8) Backpacking - If you “go backpacking”, you go travelling with a backpack (a bag that you wear on your back.
Example:- We went backpacking around Southeast Asia.

9) Book – If you “book” a hotel, you telephone or e-mail the hotel and tell them when you would like a room there.
Example:- We booked a room for six nights in the hotel.

10) Cool off – If you “cool off” you become cooler (a bit cold) after being hot.
Example:- “I jumped into the pool to cool off after lying in the sun for more than an hour.”

11) Lie down - If you “lie down”, you go into a horizontal position (you aren’t standing or sitting). The past is “lay down” and the participle is “lain”.
Example:- “We lay down on the sand and went to sleep.”

12) Sweat - When you “sweat”, liquid comes out of your body because you’re very hot.
Example:- “I was sweating because it was so hot.”

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