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Post my status and links automatically in Facebook when i Tweet it

Nowadays, social network plays vital role in humans life.  Whether it is personal or business, social networks are helping to reach more people across the world.  There are enormous way to post simultaneously between (Facebook and Twitter) OR (Twitter and Facebook) OR (Google Plus and Facebook) etc.,

Now, I would like to explain how to publish your post in Facebook when you tweet it in Twitter.  Its very simple follow the below steps.  We can automate it in the  IFTTT is nothing but IF THIS THEN THAT.  We can set the instructions like IF i did this then DO that.  Its simple isn't it?

Create the recipe that 'when i tweet in twitter, post the same message in Facebook.'  Once you have created the recipe in IFTTT, your post will be triggered in Facebook automatically once you had tweeted in Twitter.  There is an readymade recipes also available for the below combinations, we can choose the same from the existing one.

Steps to Create:-
1.  Go to
2.  Click over your account name.
3.  Select create
4.  Click this to add your Twitter account.  IFTTT will ask you to authorize the app, while authorizing choose public to post it publicly.
5.  Select your social network you would like to trigger, For example:- Twitter here.
6.  Choose a trigger that you want to make it.
7.  Click create Trigger.
8.  Then choose another social network by clicking that.
9.  Select Facebook.
10. Choose an Action that you wanna make it.  Select create a link post.
11. select Create Action.
12.  Click Create Recipe.

Once you had done all the steps, just tweet your message in twitter, it will be automatically posted in Facebook and you can see the triggered message in

Hope, it would be helpful.  Please share and provide your comments and feedback.

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