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How to enable site stripe on for affiliate partner?

Do anyone earning money in by making sales?  Then, its for you.  What is Site Stripe on?  Site Stripe is to link any page on amazon that will create the direct link with your amazon tracking id.  By this tracking id, amazon affiliates are able to track their sales and it is shared for selling purpose to earn money or commission from amazon affiliate partner network program.  By default it might have disabled or you may have disabled without your knowledge.  Below image does not show the Site Stripe, because it is turned off in my amazon affiliate account program.
How to turn on Site Stripe :-
1.  Login with your Amazon account.
2.  Go to Settings page. Click here for Settings.
3.  Now, Turn on Site Stripe.

That's it.  Browse your amazon account home page.  The Site Stripe will be populated.


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