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How to check what graphics and video card we have?

Sometimes, we may throw our graphics card/video card box after unboxing. It is not easy to remember the what capacity our graphics card have. Graphic card informations, we may require when some games is not working in our system to check the configurations.  Here, it comes the solution how to find our graphic and video card capacity.  You can surf the and download the GPU-Z utility.

GPU-Z utility is a lightweight system tool to provide all the information about the Graphic Processor and Video card.
Main features of the GPU-Z is, it supports NVIDIA, ATI and Intel graphics devices.  Also, no installation is required.  Displays overclock and default clocks information as well if available.  Including BIOS Version, memory type of the RAM and memory size.

It will be very useful the person who is using the graphics card for games and some high end graphic software's or applications.

Hope this information will be very helpful.

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