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Tips & Tricks: Use VLC Media Player to convert your videos and download YouTube videos

VLC media player has enormous features. But, most of the people will use only to see the videos. Do you know what? You can use the VLC media player to convert to your videos from one format to other format. Really VLC is not only to watch vidoes, it is a great tool that helps to do other things such as video format conversion, downloading youtube videos, watching youtube videos in VLC, etc.,
As of now, i have known this information and sharing to the people. Will update in my blog, whenever i got any useful information about VLC in future.
You can convert videos with subtitle also. For example, if you have a movie of .avi files(.avi files will be with .srt to watch subtitle), to convert along with subtitle files from .avi + .srt = .mkv or .wmv (single output with susbtitles).
1. To use VLC media player to convert your videos. Follow the below Steps:
     a)   Goto Media
     b)  Convert / Save
           Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + R
     c)  Add your movies in File Selection

     d)  Add your substile file .srt and enable the checkbox.
     e)  Now, select Convert / Save or Ctrl + C
     f)  You will get a pop-up called Form. Click Settings icon. GoTo Encapsulation tab, here you can see all the conversion format and choose anyone that you need.
     g)  Give the input that you want to get the output of your desired format. That's it. Click Start. Your conversion format will be ready once the process is completed.

2. To use VLC media player to download YouTube videos. Follow the below Steps:
     a)   Goto Media
     b)   Convert / Save

          Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl + R
     c)   In Network tab, Enter the Youtube URL
     d)   Select Convert / Save or Ctrl + C
     e)   You will get a pop-up called Convert. Click Settings icon. Set the Profile that you want to download youtube video in the particular format.

We can also watch the youtube videos in VLC by streaming.

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