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Tips & Tricks: Use genuine anti-virus for free always

Do you want use genuine anti-virus software for free always? I can suggest a trick to do it. My idea may be silly, but its worth instead of getting download some pirated anti-virus software. Before that, i would like to inform you something. When downloading the pirated anti-virus software from online, you may get trojan or virus, spyware or malware along with the source file.
For example, if you are downloading the latest McAfee Anti-Virus software from torrent, there may be a chance, trojan or virus is included. When you download and install the anti-virus software, it will automatically will lie in your system. And, it is very danger too. Even if you downloading from torrent, read the comments whether trojan or virus is exists in the software, then try to download. Fine. I come to the point.
I have listed below the Top 10 Anti-Virus Software of trial version. It is genuine as you are going to download directly from actual anti-virus websites. Some Anti-Virus software company are providing the free PC version. But, you can not use the complete features of the anti-virus software until you buy it completely. They may provide the free version for the PC alone, but online protection will not be available for free. It is very important to protect the system while connecting to the internet. In order to protect our system internet security, use internet security features also.

For Example:- AVG anti-virus is providing the free version for following:
Antivirus - It is blocking the viruses, spyware and malwares.
Link Protection - It's scans the web, facebook & twitter links etc.,
File Shredder - It will delete the files securely to prevent snooping.

But, not free and should buy other feature such as,
Online Shield - It will protect the harmful from downloads.
Data Safe - It protects the encrypt & password private files.
Anti-Spam - It stops the spams and scams.
Firewall - It will block the hackers and can shop safely.

 Download the trial version, usually the trial version would be 30 days. For example Install it, update it and use it for 30 days. Once, it is expired after 30th day. Uninstall it with CCleaner. Then, download another anti-virus software for trial version, use it for 30 days. On  final day of trial version, uninstall it and continue with another new anti-virus software. If you using the different anti-virus software for 6 month, you can use again the first one from the seventh month. This is the best way instead of buying and prevent to getting downloaded the pirated anti-virus software with viruses. Do not install ever two anti-virus software in the same PC.
Best Anti-Virus Software Trial version links:
1.   AVG
2.   BitDefender
3.   Kaspersky
4.   Norton
5.   McAfee
6.   Avast
7.   Panda Security
8.   BullGuard
9.   G Data
10. F Secure

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