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Tips : Save your playlists of songs and tracks online forever

This is especially for the online song listeners.  Sometimes, we will search the songs in youtube, soundcloud, vimeo etc., But we will forget often where we have searched the required song's and we will not save the URL while streaming. To make it easy and save your playlists of songs and tracks, go to

Last time, i had searched some songs online. Later, i got the songs via google and listened. After lot of struggle i got the results of songs from online for the particular song.  
Accidentally, i closed my window browser and the URL's also is deleted by crashing.  Then again it took lot of time to recollect the songs.  Then i decided to use this to save my online streaming songs.

Login with your account, then search the songs that you wanna listen by streaming online and add your song in the My Mixes option. You can get the songs from,,, and more.

It is really very useful to the online song listeners.  Just check out.

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