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Tips and Tricks: Use OneTab extension for Chrome browser to use less memory

Chrome is very easy to use for browsing. But, at the same time while using the browser with multiple tabs it will hang at sometime. More than one tab in the browser, it uses enough memory. To check the memory in the chrome browser:
1. Go to Tools
2. Task Manager
Keyboard Shortcut : Shift + Esc

To reduce less memory in your chrome browser, install the OneTab extension.

Download OneTab extension
OneTab is very useful while user is working with multiple tab in the browser. While opening the multiple browser just click the one tab icon, all tabs will be converted into a list. When you want to access the tab, you can restore the tab individually or restoring all tabs. It will save your browser memory for 95%. OneTab extension is free. Using OneTab can also speed up your PC and reduce the CPU load. It is worth extension.

To check the which add-on is using most memory in firefox, install this plug-in your browser. 
After installed, Enter about:addon-memory into the address bar. This will show you the running add-ons and inform you the memory usage.


  1. Używałem tego jakiś czas temu, ale był problem, bo po pewnym czasie się wywalała przeglądarka. Może jest to już poprawione

  2. why would anyone use Chrome its like saying hi NSA look at what im browsing through.