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How to track your aeroplane while flying?

This is something really interesting.  You can look your aeroplane while flying at exact location and where it is in the planet.

There is an website called

You can easily track your flights with the flight number.  For example, if your aeroplane is flying from USA to India, just you need to give the input with your flight number, it will tell the exact location and where it is with lot of details such as flight no, airline, registration, altitude, speed, route, etc.,

Planefinder receives the feeds from ADS-B  used by commercial and private planes to transmit their information.  ADS-B  stands for Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast System.  ADS-B is a technology used for aircraft surveillance.  Air traffic control presently depends on ground based radar systems.  ADS-B will change this to a satellite based tracking system.

Presently being rolled out worldwide, ADS-B is part of the Next Generation Air Transportation System also called “NextGen”.

It will be really useful who travel whether domestic traveler's or International traveler's.

Visit the site to navigate.


  1. Nice articles..Nice concept of tracing the location of any plan while it is on its way...this article is driving me crazy, thanxx :)


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  4. Thank you for very usefull information.. locate-a

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