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How to register with fake email address on websites and avoid to receive SPAM mails?

Not only we will register our email id for online purchasing, But also for go through the websites or navigate the particular topics. Example: forums, news websites will be asked to register with our email id. We may not aware and We are not sure, what they will do with that mail id. Usually, such request will be mentioning that they will send their websites updates in mail for future. All email id's will be with their database and that might have been used for commercial purpose.
You can see such annoying emails that will kill your inbox always whether the subscribing emails or registered emails. To promote their products via email, they will sell our email id's to some other commercial partners.
However, whatever the mails is not related to us and annoying our inbox will be called as SPAM.
To avoid such emails, I have got this excellent Chrome Browser extension, MaskMe. It is really helpful extension to dodge the websites to register with our primary email id.

Click here to direct link for MaskMe

Install the MaskMe in your chrome browser. Whenever the website is asking for your email, just use this MaskMe to hide your original mail id. While the cursor is moved to the email id field in the requested website, automatically this MaskMe will be populated to mask your id.
It will be really secure hiding our primary id to avoid SPAM mails. It's worth using this great extension for our online privacy.

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