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How to merge or sync gmail attachments into dropbox?

Daily we are sending and receiving lot of mails for communication.  Some people would have organized their mails well according to their folder which they had received mails.  But, remaining people will never archive their mails properly for sure due to various reasons whether they may not have the time or lazyness.

Some important mails received to our inbox with attachment. Attachments might be bank statement, resume, bills, invoice's or even offer letter.  If those attached mails are deleted, Have we done any backup to save the important attachments?

Here, I am gonna tell you the simple steps to backup of your email(Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.,) attachments that automatically send the attachments to your Dropbox.   It will be very useful and helpful for various reasons.  Just think suddenly you need to download the attachment from your gmail and at that time your gmail is not working properly due to crash or server down.  Hence, it is always good practice that to keep our important documents or attachments with backup for emergency purpose.  I have made the video also to give clear picture. Click here for the Video : How to merge or sync gmail attachments into dropbox? is providing the service to create the backup of the attachments.  Just you need three pre-requisites and all it is free only. is works with if-else statement according to your needs of backups. IFTTT stands for If this then that.  In the name itself it clearly explains what exactly it is.  Isn't it?
For example, if your gmail is not working to get the attachments then you are backing up the attachments in dropbox.

a. Email Account such as gmail, yahoo mail, outlook, etc.,
b. account(Create new id if  you do not have)
c. Dropbox account.

Steps to follow:-
1.  Login with
2.  Click Browse.
3.  Enter this input 'save all your gmail attachments to dropbox' in the Search box.
4.  Results will be found. Choose the 'Save all your gmail attachments to dropbox' (This is readymade recipe) just click and activate it.

5.  Click Use Recipe.
6.  Update the path information.  By default, it will create in the dropbox.
7.  That's it.  This process will run for every 15 minutes triggering gmail attachments to dropbox when gmail has received the attachment to your Inbox.

Just check to confirm yourselves sending attachments from gmail to dropbox.

Watch the video : How to merge or sync gmail attachments into dropbox?

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