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How to erase permanently unwanted history from your browser and other applications?

All, we knew that how much our computer is important. We are using our computer for various reasons to store and protect our data. While our system is connected to the internet, sometimes it paves way to access our systems to the hacker to steal our sensitive information's such as user id, password, banking details, personal data and even more secret data's.

90% you are protected, if you are having the anti-virus software is installed in your systems with up to date. Even though, there may be a chance of stealing your information by hackers. Anyhow, we have to protect our data and our personal information in secure. And, it is our responsibility too. If your room is not locked properly, any unknown person can be get in.

You may be tracked by some anonymous if your system is infected with viruses. Whenever you visit a webpage, you may download some files whether with your knowledge or without your knowledge.  There is lot of chances files got downloaded automatically without your knowledge by clicking some images. 

While surfing, login credentials also will be saved in cookies in your browser. Some genuine websites also stored the data in cookies and monitoring our activities for various reasons. Websites such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook stores the cookies in the browser for various reason and it would not be harmful. But, if some unknown website we can not trust them. 

Fine. If any unwanted history is stored in your computer, install the Anti Tracks Free Edition to remove permanently. Anti Tracks quickly delete and remove the usage history from the browser and other applications. Also this tool helps to uninstall the unwanted software permanently and to delete the securely hide files and folders.

We can use the Anti Tracks to find a duplicate file-finder and has various special features in the Free Edition.  Use this software for good protection and its free. Anti Tracks works in the platform of Windows XP/Vista/7 and 8.

Anti Tracks Free Edition erases also the tracks, complete disk cleanup, protecting the data and eliminating the SPAM.

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