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How to add Anti-Virus apps to your Facebook account and scan your News feeds?

Almost, everyone is accessing the facebook through out the world to share the informationfilesphotosNews Feeds, etc.
Virus may spread while entering the non-safe sites. While using social network sites there is lot feeds may send by unknown user. Hackers can easily take your profile by phishing. Hence, always be secure and keep your data in safe mode.
Anti-Virus application is already available for Facebook. Norton Safe Web is protecting the safe web stuff of your facebook page. Just follow the below steps to add.
1.  Login with your facebook account.
2. Go to Apps and enter Norton Safe Web in the search box.



3.  Now, you can see the scanned feeds and their details with reports.

4. That's it. Your scan is completed. If you change it to auto scan. It will continue automatically scan for viruses whenever the new feed is received.

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