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How to view the saved password in Firefox Browser?

Do you know? While logging in with any websites your password can save or your password will be saved in your Firefox browsers.
If you selected the remember password option while logging in, your password will be saved in the browser itself. You can view well.
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Accidentally, you may have chosen this option or purposely, you may have chosen this option to remember.
But, it is not good practice to select the Remember Password option while logging in with Net banking,Checking mails etc.,, or any other your confidential user id and password credentials that can be saved in the browser itself.
Someone may view your password when they do use your system.
Always be careful with your login credentials.
Steps to view the password in the Firefox Browser:-
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  1. Log in with your credentials at any website. For example, We used the Gmail ID to explain
  2. While logging in, Firefox will ask for to remember the password. Choose the option Remember Password.
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  3. Just sign out where you logged in.
  4. Click Tools → Options → Security → Saved Passwords
  5. Select the password that you would like to see for the particular user id and then click the Show Passwords.

  6. Now, you can view your saved passwords.

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