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What is Trojan?

Trojan is a malware program(containing software code) that will infect the computer.
Trojan would not act like worm or virus. It will damage the computer together with viruses and worms.
Person may receive Trojan via e-mail, computer updation, network, online and attacked websites/webpages.
Example:- If you are opening an trojan content email or attacked websites/webpages, you may not get any symptoms.
But, it would lie in your system silently. Then it will start their task automatically without revealing their possession.
Trojans can not create duplicate of its own, unlike viruses and worms.
Trojans have different types like Backdoor Trojans(Hackers will get access through backdoor virus), Remote Access Trojans, etc.
Note: Always keep your Antivirus Software is updated to avoid stealing password or someone getting access of your computer.

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