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What is SPAM?

SPAM mail. Everyone would have heard about SPAM. Actually, what is it? SPAM is an email message which we may receive from unknown person or Non-Trusted source.
For example:- X is a person/non-trusted source whom you do not know, but you receive mail from them like commercial offers or gift vouchers. That Emails may seem to be trusted websites and genuine, but behind these activities there may be a trap to steal your password details or to get the credit card information. It would be treated as SPAM mail.
Sometimes, Advertising Emails also will be treated as SPAM mail. To promote their product and services they will send the Emails to the multiple recipients. Such Emails from untrusted source may annoy our Inbox.
What is not a SPAM mail? While browsing over the internet, you may have registered with your mail id from any website to receive the newsletter or any offers like gifts/product related details.
For example:- You may search some products in Ebay. While looking for some products, you may be asked to register or subscribe with your personal mail id to purchase any product or for an enquiry and your mail id will be registered with their database. Later, they may send emails to promote their product or services which would not be treated as SPAM mail. Also, Ebay is a trusted site.

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