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Someone may be tracking your website activities? Find them with AVG's Do Not Track.

When we are on the websites, someone will track our activities to collect the data with the help of browsers like Internet explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. Especially Ad networks and Social networks will collect the data from the website for some reasons. It may be for good or bad purpose.
  • Where you are visiting?
  • What you are viewing?
  • What you are clicking?
  • What you are buying?

Sometimes, your sensitive information also is traceable. To avoid such scenarios, use Do Not Track plug-in to your browsers to check who is tracking us?
Download Free AVG antivirus and install, you will get the AVG’s Do Not Track add-on to your browser. It supportsInternet explorerFireFox and Google Chrome.

You can see how many social buttons are in the webpage. Analytics are tracking like Yahoo, Google, Facebook and Twitter. These are all trusted sites so you need not to block and it is not harmful. But, some other sites will track our activities for any purpose. So, you can block with the help of this tool.
You can do it in two ways either blocking up front or go to setting’s to block/unblock the analytics sites.
Click Settings you can view all sites that are blocked and unblocked. You can modify that which sites you would like to allow.
Always be safe while surfing. There are lot of DNT (Do not Track) available in the internet. But, I prefer AVG as this is a trusted tool.
If you want to disable:-
Firefox:- Go to Tools → Add-on’s → Extensions → Disable

Internet Explorer :- Click Tools → Manage Add ons → Toolsbars and Extensions → Disable

Note: Initially AVG’s Do Not Track plug-in was available for Google Chrome. You can add it by Google’s Webstore’s. But, it seems it is not available now. Check with Google’s Webstore.

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