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How to get text sms alert to your mobile if someone changed your gmail password?

First of all why should we get text message alert if the password changed?
Are we keeping our passwords in secure while accessing our mail id's whether for personal or official?
Just think, if someone got your password, then they will get all the information/details of your personal mails from your inbox or personal folder such as credit card information, netbanking details and any other sensitive information. Also they can change your password after they have got the access of yours login credentials. So that you could not access next time your owned login.
If you are using gmail, use the steps below. You will get text sms alert, if password is changed by you or some anonymous. Before that you have to register your mobile number with your gmail account.
    Steps to Follow:-
  1. Login with your Gmail account.

  2. Click Account.

  3. Go to Security → Notificiations → Edit → Update your Phone number. You will get a verification number to your mobile. Enter the number and verify.

  4. Once the mobile number verification is successful, you will be redirected to theSecurity page. Select the phone checkbox under Notifications delivery setup.

  5. Thats it! Now just try to change your password. See what happens. Security →Password → Change password.

  6. You will get an Text SMS if your password is changed.

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