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How to check when someone has accessed your facebook account from different location and How to sign out from all other locations?

For three reason's, you can check the logged in activity. Log will show the information such as country location(Ex: USA, INDIA, etc.,) and Browser type(Ex:- IE, Firefox, etc.,) as well as operating systems.
  • If someone accessed your facebook account from different location.
  • To know from which location you have logged in.
  • Get sign-out for all sessions from different location if suspicious activity found.

  • To know, follow the below steps:-
    1. Login with your facebook account.

    2. Click the Gear Icon → Account Settings.

    3. Now you will be in General page. Click Security → Edit the Active Sessions.

    Thats it. Now you can see your logged in activities. End All Activity will sign out for all other locations.

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