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How to check when someone has accessed your gmail account from different location?

Nowadays, it is a very common scenario, where people communicate and share their information through e-mail. There is every possibility that emails are prone to hacking and not every user is aware of that fact.
For example, if some person has not opened his/her GMAIL account for a long period, they may not be aware as to whether they have read their mails such as read/unread mails. Sometimes, you can find that certain important mails would have been already opened in the Inbox even without your knowledge. That is the time, when you can sense the presence of some anonymous activity wherein an anonymous person would have accessed your account.

In order to watch the activity within the GMAIL account follow the steps below :
Last account activity will show the last login details such as Access TypeLocation(IP AddressDate/Timeand Concurrent session information
11.   1.  Open your Browser  Log-in with your GMAIL account.

2.    Now you will be in Inbox page. Go to the bottom of the page.

333.    Click Details for the Last Account Activity.

Here you can see all your account activity details. That’s it.
If you feel that there are any traces of suspicious activity, you can Sign out all the other sessions where your account is logged in from other locations.

That's it!

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